6100 Main St | Houston, TX 77005 | (713) 348-3258

Considered as a hiddgen gem, Valhalla is really an amazing place that offers good beer for extremely lower pirce. The atmosphere is that of a Dive bar, but it is exactly these surroundings that give it a relaxing feel. You won't find anything trendy here, but for a grad student bar, there is nothing better. Valhalla is not where you go when you want to go "out"; it is your neighborhood bar, where you grab a few drinks and sit after work. Boisterousness and belligerence are frowned upon, unless there is some sort of specific grad student function; again, you have to remember that you are a visitor in their home.

The plus is that it's a great place to chill, have a beer, cider, or wine, and just talk with your pals. The crowd is friendly, bartenders are actually grad student volunteers who also are very friendly to talk to, and the music played is generally a student's ipod playlist. And oh, the prices are hard to beat, but be sure to have cash.


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