Club Next
108 Main St | Houston, TX 77002 | (713) 222-2333

The all new Club Next on Main Street is three floors of nonstop PARTY! With three DJ's spinning everything from Top 40 to salsa and four bars so you never have to wait in line to get your drinks. Great atmosphere where you can let loose but bring enough cash for drinks because the drinks are very pricey. This club is 21+ guys 18+ ladies which the main age groups seen here are mainly 18 to 25. The dress code is strict so leave your tennis shoes and t-shirts at home. Parking is limited.

Nothing fancy although you have plenty of floors to choose from. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is an overall friendly one. Just don't get too drunk or you will surely have a hard time climbing stairs or going down. Nice place to party. Bring your friends for a more fun night.


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