314 Main St | Houston, TX 77002 | (713) 409-4750

This is easily the most strange, out-of-place, hole-in-the-wall bar in downtown Houston. It's loungy, grungy, and artsy all at once. It belongs more in Montrose than Downtown. There're a bunch of baseball hats on the ceiling, and there are a million shoes everywhere. Sketchy people come in and out but mostly it's a super chill place. Definitely check out notsuoH for the underground scene, and general randomness.

The place where misfits come to gather. Everyone is welcome and everyone is invited. If you like art, music, conversation, and old school style speak-easys with stiff drinks and cheap beer, Notsuoh is the place to be. From poetry to performance art, there's always something going on, even if it isn't so obvious to first glances. Get some culture, get some conversation. Avoid the sports bar cliches and mindless cookie-cutter mentalities. Come to Notsuoh. All are welcome.


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