El Taquito Rico
3701 N Main Street | Houston, TX 77009 | (713) 426-4242

Craving for something Mexican on Main Street? El Taquito Rico may just be the right restaurant for you. This place specializes in fresh food and most of the time, they have Pasole and Menudo. A reminder, this is a take out only restaurant so don't expect waiters or dining tables. Lots of meat to choose from on a nice sized menu. They serve breakfast, enchilada plates, burritos, and hamburgers. Very big menu for a such a small place. Not much room to eat inside, so take it to go or eat on a table outdoors.

What makes this taco stand a sell out is not just the food but also the people that run this place. They are fun and nice. This is definitely a to-go place. There is only one table inside that is usually taken so don't expect to get your food and eat there too.


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