The Bombay Pizza Co.
Commerce Towers | 914 Main St, Ste 105 | Houston, TX 77002 | (713) 654-4444

Bombay Pizza is the place you'd take out-of-town guests for dinner and everyone who has tried the food loves its. The pizza is amazing, the service is friendly and fast and you can tell the owner really cares about making the customers happy. Bombay Pizza serves a good selection of bottled beers, including some from India, and they also have salads and various pasta dishes.

The restaurant is decorated with colors from the Sun like Saffron and a roasted Yellow that present a comfortable and homey atmosphere - so comfortable that you have not choice but to over eat. It also uses Tomas Edison era light bulbs to give the sun colors a "glow". The walls are decorated with scenes of Mumbai, reminiscent of its beauty and its people in their natural poses.


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