Julia's Bistro
3722 Main St | Houston, TX 77002 | (713) 807-0090

One of the favorite restaurants in town, Julia's Bistro features delicious food that prides itself in bringing about eclectic flavor and the feeling of food being comfort food both at the same time.
Sometimes the menu changes and it reflects the chef's willingness to experiment with different food. The seafood here is good as well as the pork tenderloin. They have all kinds of food that is inspired by
Latin and Mediterranean flavors.

It's a trendy yet down-to-earth joint off Main by the light rail that serves some fantastic Latin American fusion-ish cuisine. The owner and managers are really friendly. It's the kind of place that really wants you to have a great time and get the best meal experience you can so they'll take the time to really explain the menu and make sure you're picking right.


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