Main Street Bars & Restaurants

Welcome to Main Street in Houston. If this is your first time to visit Main Street, let be your guide.

One of the longest streets in Houston, Main St is where you can find the best bars and restaurants in the city. The location is so accessible from the different neighborhoods that make up Houston, thus the bars and restaurants in the area are often filled up with folks from the different communities.

Main Street is a busy street during the day, with all the business establishments scattered all over the stretch. At night, Main Street doesn't sleep. When day-time offices and workplaces turn off their lights, Main Street transforms into a night spot - loud, punky, throbbing, full of life.

Here you can find various restaurants serving different dishes - from Mexican, Italian, and American, to Spanish, Irish, and Asian. Whatever you feel like eating, you will surely find a restaurant that will satisfy your taste bud.

If you are looking for a nice spot to relax and drink some beers or wines with friends, you have plenty of option on Main Street. If you are looking for dive bars or sports bars, you won't get disappointed. If you are looking for a chic bar or a high-end party venue, there will always be one for you. offers you a quick look at the different bars and restaurants around Main Street so you can make a choice even without physically going to the different spots here. That means saving time and effort on your part.

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